My 20DayReset is your opportunity to have a health coach at your fingertips multiple times a day for 20 days to educate you, demonstrate for you and encourage you every step of the way towards a healthier lifestyle. For less than 3 personal training sessions with me, I am able to coach a group of people who want to get a grip on sugar addiction, discover the ease and importance of meal prep and taste and prepare new, easy, delicious recipes. I am available to answer questions about the many different diet programs, supplements, workouts, etc. so that you can decide what is right for you. I will walk with you daily, multiple times a day, teaching you that changing habits can be delicious, easy, inexpensive and make you feel SO much better! I provide solutions to the obstacles that life throws at us along the way.

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What to expect on your 20DayReset.

Expect to spend 10-20 minutes a day with me - at your convenience - learning how to improve your overall wellness! Expect lots of delicious, easy recipes with a focus on nutrient density that even your families will love. Expect me to solve that problem of “not having time to cook” or “not liking healthy foods”. Expect to learn many new tips and tricks to banish cravings for good. And, expect new healthy habits to begin to form. But, don’t expect to lose a lot of weight in 20 days. Don’t expect me to shame you into staying on a “diet”. Don’t expect to be hungry or feel deprived. My Reset teaches you to get back to abundantly enjoying whole foods the way God designed our bodies to, and also to get your body moving the way it is designed to! If we do these things, our chances of fighting disease, aging beautifully, and feeling great are in our favor.

Susan provides a simple broken down view of a total health approach. I loved how she taught us to read the ingredients in everything. So simple to understand! I’d highly recommend!
— Jenny Scott Robin

Meal Planning

Do you know that diet is 80% of the healthy lifestyle equation but that it’s also the most difficult part? With my help, you CAN reach your goals. My reset is NOT a diet or a challenge. It is NOT a magic pill or a quick fix. Rather I am equipping my participants with an enormous amount of knowledge that will help them change habits that have not served them well in the past.


I do not require anything but listening to my video blogs. You may choose to apply my methods right now with me, or you may take what you learn and begin later. Many reset participants see their BEST results with private health coaching afterwards where I can build on what you’ve learned and help you with personalized meal plans and workouts and provide an even more intimate form of hand holding. For additional info about private coaching, click here.

Why Choose Me?

For your 20DayReset, I bring you decades of experience, multiple health & fitness certifications, and countless hours of research. I know exactly what works and will coach you to become the best version of yourself! Part of your success will come in learning new, delicious recipes that are easy and likely to become family favorites.



Thrive Market is my new favorite place to find healthy, natural products. Join me and save hundreds on your grocery bill every month — never pay premium prices for premium products again!

TrueCore is a local fitness studio that I highly recommend. They offer a stress free workout environment with tons of options like yoga, pilates, core strengthening classes and more

RosieJo Meals offers nutritious and delicious meals delivered to your doorstep.

Equilibrium2 Health Care — a membership based Direct Primary Care practice in Temple TX with exciting benefits, and a very strong emphasis on prevention of illness by promoting health and wellness.



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