#20dayReset: Sign Up for Thrive Market & Get 25% Off Your 1st Order

October 4, 2019 brings the beginning of my newest #20dayReset! It feels long overdue as we were going strong at the beginning of the year with the #January20dayReset, the #March20dayReset and the #May20dayReset. Then came Summertime.  Vacations, more relaxed schedule and a lack of a routine, meant that the discipline that comes with Resetting tapered off.  So many of my good habits were put on the shelf and many of my bad habits, fueled by my Sugar Dragon, returned. The freedom I feel in this healthy lifestyle journey is knowing I can get right back where I was - back to feeling fantastic and fitting in my clothes - just by Resetting!! I am anxious to get started and I am anxious to have you join me!

I am grateful for all of you that have already signed up!! Its going to be a great group! Some of you have asked me….”what do I need to do to prepare?” I love this question because it shows enthusiasm to make a change. Probably my greatest wish for each Resetter is that you will finish, enlightened by the knowledge that eating healthy is both easy and delicious!  So, I do all I can for 20 days trying to convince you of this.  We can start by introducing you to ThriveMarket.com.  Resetters know that one of my most helpful tips is joining ThriveMarket.com. I like to stock up on Pantry Staples before I get started.  ThriveMarket.com is one place that I can get most of the ingredients that I use a lot at a discounted price. That way when I do have to go to the grocery store, its a quick trip to pick up my meats and produce only.  This makes the idea of Meal Planning and Prepping so much less daunting!

This is a link that will give you 25% off your first order! And, you can try it out free for 30 days.

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Finally, if you have NOT signed up for my #October20dayReset, what are you waiting for? Join me in Resetting your life to become a healthier version of you! It all begins on October 4, 2019 and you can sign up at http://susancornettefitness.com/20dayreset.