Personal Health Coaching

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Have you been recently diagnosed by your doctor as having pre-diabetes, an autoimmune disorder, rhumetoid arthritis, etc. and they have suggested that you make changes to your diet? That can feel overwhelming! In our private sessions, with me as your coach, I will help you make the changes that YOU need specifically to become the best version of YOU. In private health coaching sessions, I can tailor meal plans and workouts to meet your own set of guidelines. Then, I will walk with you through your journey towards making the changes in your life that need to be made.


Health Coaching Sessions

10 1-hour sessions in person or over the phone. Includes meal planning, goal setting, goal tracking, problem solving and accountability. Cost is $550

1-Time Consultation

A 1-hour health coaching consultation. Includes meal plan, goal setting, goal tracking, problem solving, accountability. Cost is $75


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