Susan Cornette Fitness

Hi, I’m Susan! I am a certified personal trainer, health coach and an over-50 group fitness instructor fiercely fighting to keep up with my 20-something counterparts. The struggle to look and feel my best - especially as the clock keeps ticking - is REAL. I teach women that the key to better health is exercise and diet, but that diet is 80%. As a personal trainer for so many years, I have witnessed clients giving me their all in our gym time together; but, I’ve watched them also become discouraged when a certain dress doesn’t fit. I’ve had clients say, “Susan, if you could just shop with me, cook with me and follow me around each day to help me make healthy choices, then maybe I could reach my goals!” I thought, well, maybe I can!



I've LOVED participating in Susan's reset and I have learned a ton! I have been so inspired by Susan and I have benefitted from the accountability with other members of the group!

- Dayspring Fowler



“Susan inspires change! She completely reshaped my thinking about food while also helping me reshape my body. Her encouragement, positive feedback and health knowledge guided me every step of the way. She discovered a healthy person inside of me that I never knew existed!”

- Brooke Connor