5 Amazing Moves to get you in Shape at Home

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5 Amazing Moves to get you in Shape at Home

As you may know, it doesn’t take a gym or even a huge space to get your workout in. All you need is a little extra space in your living room, bedroom, backyard, or better yet, a designated workout room!! There are so many things that you can do to get yourself in the best shape without having to leave your own house, or pay a penny extra.

Here are a few of my favorites...

The 2-minute Plank Hold

This is one of the simplest exercises ever created, and almost anyone can do it... for a few seconds. It’s the two-minute time limit that will really push you out of your comfort zone. The plank targets almost every single muscle group in your body. They can make your whole body stronger. Some of the most important muscles that Planks work are the Transversus Abdominus(abs), the Rectus Abdominus(abs), the Oblique Muscles(side abs), and the Glutes (butt).

Switch Jumping Lunges (Modify with forward or backward Stepping Lunges)

These Switching Lunges barely take any room at all, and they get your heart beating out of your chest. You may not feel them right when you start, but they will have you breathing hard and your legs burning in no time at all. When you are doing proper lunges they help you with your core stability and to have better posture. They will help you develop better balance, they strengthen your legs and butt, and in the long run, they will give you better spinal health.

Triceps Dips (on the coffee table or other furniture)

This exercise is one of the most beneficial exercises for strengthening and activating your triceps muscles along with your upper arm muscles. As you are holding your hips off the ground, you are also firing up your core muscles. These dips are fun and they make your arms look defined and your muscles pop a little without having to use any weight at all.

Marching Glute Bridge

This exercise is really going to light up your glutes and hamstrings when you do it in the correct way. It is a different exercise that you don’t see all the time, and your body will definitely feel out of its comfort zone. It strengthens your lower back and improves the mobility of your hip joints. I sometimes feel it in my abs as well. It builds all of those muscles and leaves you feeling sore, but a good sore.

Skater Hops

This is a lateral movement. It is another one that really gets your heart going. All you need is a little room to the right and to the left of you. They are especially good for creating some power in your legs. It is also crucial to add some sort of lateral movement to your training for your balance, stability and coordination. This movement is very good for your hips, as well.

There you go!! Try these 5 amazing moves in your home! They are totally doable, and I promise that if you start to do them on a consistent basis you will see a difference in your muscle tone. Once you have tried them, email me and let me know how you like them!!

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